Hire Service People and Professionals to Make Visits Your Aging Parents: Their Independence will Keep Them Out of the Hospital!

Consider hiring service people to visit Mom or Dad for business visits.

  • Mom or Dad’s relationships with other people can undergo serious changes. Even if they remain in their own home or apartment, friends and neighbors can come and go.

They may be friendly with everyone on the same floor or in the same building. But very quickly first someone and then someone else gets sick or moves out of town to be closer to adult children.

And pretty soon everyone in the building is someone new. It can be very difficult to make new acquaintances- never mind good friendships. And Mom or Dad may need to depend on someone like this in small emergencies.

  • Plan to set up a “support team” of professional people to help you keep an eye on your aging parents. Get some business people coming into the apartment on a regular schedule. Mom or Dad can look forward to these visits and chats as well as having the professional attention.

  • It may be worthwhile to hire a cleaning service for Mom or Dad’s apartment. Arrange for 1 or 2 people to come into the apartment for an hour or every week or 2 to clean and tidy up.

This can have multiple benefits. The apartment is kept clean; the “maids” can be somebody else to visit and chat with while they are doing the cleaning; the clean apartment is inviting for Mom or Dad’s friends to come and visit and have fellowship.

Arrange for other people to come to the apartment. These are all people for Mom or Dad to talk with as they come to help out.

  • Someone could come every 2-3 weeks to do reflexology.

  • A massage therapist could come once a month or so.

  • A hairdresser could come once a month.

  • Someone who does pedicure could come every 4-6 weeks.

  • Even a home care person could come for one or more visits a week.

  • Perhaps hire someone to come and do pet care: walk the dog or take the cat out regularly.

These types of businesses are always making house calls as part of their jobs. Soon Mom or Dad’s schedule is full. They can have more contact with others. And they can feel better about themselves. They know that others are concerned about them also.

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