Arrange Online Credit Card Payments for Mom or Dad's Account: Get a Seniors Card

Getting a seniors card is a great idea. I think the ability to make online credit card payments is a great addition to the industry. I have used this to automate my Mom’s finances as much as possible.

I have been using it for years. First off, I changed my payment dates to make the timing more convenient for my schedule. I have several, so I its convenient for me to make the payments around the same time. Furthermore, I can wait until almost the last minute to make the payments online- even on Saturdays.

I set this up for my Mom and I think it helps her a lot. She doesn’t have to write any more checks for this- that is great because her vision is getting so bad with the macular degeneration. She can still review her statements every month to watch the transactions.

Online payments, along with online banking and online bill-pay are a great way to minimize errors and misplaced bills and statements. With the online security (SSL) that is available these days, some people say it is safer to make online computer transactions than in person or on the telephone.

Few people, or nobody, actually see the check or card number for the transaction. This leaves lower chances of fraud to occur. And that gives me more reassurance about how my Mom is doing with her financial business.

Besides, if in the future I ever need to have a more administrative role in her situation, I can provide some supervision and monitoring of how she is doing with her bill-paying.

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