Senior Safety
Help Keep Your Aging Parents Feeling Secure

You need to think of senior safety and elder care equipment in new ways to help keep your aging parents feeling secure while you are away from them and caring for them long distance.

  • Help them to reduce the risk of accidents in their home.

  • Set up multiple and over-lapping response systems to quickly activate when they have accidents that may occur in spite of all your precautions.

We needed extra help in case a "semi-emergency" happened. Here's some a tip- get the phone numbers of Mom or Dad's friends and neighbors. An
elder care companion - Mom or Dad's friends and neighbors- can be your best allies in caring for your aging parents. If Mom or Dad doesn't answer when you call, the neighbor could go in and check before you call 911.

  • Installing and providing handicap devices for your aging parent can make the difference.

    Get grab bars and install door levers instead of door knobs. Move everything downstairs to the main floor so your aging parent won’t have to negotiate the stairs so often.

  • Think of ways to reduce the risk of other people taking advantage of your aging parents when you are not around.

  • An emergency necklace or bracelet can save the day sometimes.

    The proverbial “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t …” happens way more often than we realize and can quickly turn into an emergency.

  • Keep looking for clever devices and gadgets for senior independent living for their home. These will make life easier for them and for YOU.

Some aging parents already have some basic computer skills. Get a home computer for Mom or Dad. Most aging parents don't have computers yet.

Getting computers for senior safety is a great idea. Get one for them right away. Many like to just play solitaire on the computer.

  • Make sure their computer is "friendly". Set up Mom or Dad's computer yourself. Its easy to set up the home computer for your aging parents. Then they can exchange e-mail with you and the grandchildren. And they can exchange the digital family photos.

  • An inexpensive webcam can be heart-warming. Set up Mom or Dad's computer web-cam for family chats. Keep the lines of communication open. Remember though that dial-up is too slow for live video- you'll need high speed internet connections on both ends.

None of our aging parents should be without a cell phone these days. The cell phone is such a great invention.

  • You can use the advantages of a cell phone for your aging parents. This is a great emergency strategy for long distance caregivers.

  • We all have old outdated cell phones around the house. Here's a great idea for your old cell phone . Give Mom or Dad an old cell phone for free emergency 911 service.

Keep an eye out for gadgets that you never thought about before. Get things for Mom or Dad just to make daily living easier. When visiting their home or apartment, look for around for things in the kitchen or living room or bathroom that need changing, replacing, updating.

There are many elder care solutions for senior safety that are available. We just need to be watchful and creative.

Anything that helps them feel safe and be safe will give your aging parents peace of mind and a sense of security that will build their self-esteem and over-all health. You will be keeping them out of the hospital.

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