Senior Quotes of your Aging Parents may
Surprise You

As the following senior quotes show, aging parents can have much more on their minds than just the next Bingo game! The next time you sit down for a heart-to-heart talk with your mom or dad, try asking them what philosophies they’d like to share with their loved ones. The authors of these senior quotes were asked and what they had to say might surprise you!

  • Do the best you can in everything and be as kind to people as you can be. ~ Kaye W., age 74

  • There is wisdom with age (usually!). Know when to approach an obstacle from a different angle. ~ Janet P., age 82

  • There are always different approaches to a problem. Usually when you search for a solution, the right one will come to you. Always keep the Lord in it. You can always return to Him. Always consider the who, what, why, when and where of every situation. ~ Betty W., age 81

  • One would have to be pretty small to need to stand on someone else’s shoulders in order to make himself look tall. ~ Ginny W., age 86

  • Be true and loving. ~ Fanny Y., age 83

  • Be faithful. ~ Betty M., age 90

  • As beautiful as they are, ostriches can’t fly, but they can run like a horse. And as small as they are, beetles have a storage tank on their back that gives off two fumes, both hydrogen-something. They give them power to do what they want to do. ~ Fanny Y., age 83

  • Smile and be nice to everybody. When problems arise, sit down and talk to God. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. ~ Betty S., 89

  • Find time to be honest with everybody, whether you like it or not. Treat others as you wish to be treated. I think that’s the most important thing about getting along with people. If you do these things, you can reduce your problems by being totally honest. I think church is important, but it’s not everything. Always treat others with respect. ~ Betty W., 85

Senior quotes on aging:

  • Never say you’re old, you’re older! ~ Mary P., age 92

  • I stopped figuring out my age years ago! I figured that way my attitude won’t be influenced by a mere number. Every so often, one of my children will say, “Well, let’s see, you got married when you were 18 in…” etc., etc., and try to figure it out, and I tell them, “That’s ok. We all know you’re the mathematical genius. Stop trying to prove it!” ~ Winnie S., age 80-something

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