Senior People Meet and Give Tips to Help Keep Your Aging Parents
Out of the Hospital!

I needed help. I needed to have other senior people meet and give me some tips. My Mom is in her 80's and lives alone 1500 miles away. I found it difficult to help with her care giving. But I quickly learned some solutions for some things that she needed right away. I got some elder care information and put it to use.

  • We talked to Mom about getting a device for emergencies. Get an emergency necklace or bracelet for your Mom or Dad for medical or security emergencies around the home. There are several superb proprietary services that provide jewelry type electronic devices. Necklaces and bracelets can be activated in emergency situations to begin a cascade of backup responses.

    How much is a daily telephone call to an aging parent worth?

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  • I worried a lot about how Mom would manage paying her bills and managing her bank account as she was getting older. Arrange online banking for Mom or Dad with direct deposit and bill-pay.

    Most aging parents don't use this great invention of the financial world. Some may even still be suspicious of it. But it will help you keep an eye on their accounts and bills.

  • Another great financial invention is the credit card or debit card. Arrange online credit card payments for Mom and Dad.

    Your aging Mom or Dad can benefit from online management of their credit card- and you can back them up. This also helps them reduce the amount of cash they carry.

  • When senior people meet and talk, that is a great opportunity to compare and get advice on how others are managing their aging parents. We all have some elder care solutions that others can benefit from.

    We needed extra help in case a "semi-emergency" happened. Here's some tips- get the phone numbers of Mom or Dad's friends and neighbors or an elder care companion. Mom or Dad's friends and neighbors can be your best allies in caring for your aging parents. If Mom or Dad doesn't answer when you call, the neighbor could go in and check before you call 911.

  • When Mom went to the doctor, sometimes it seemed more like a social call than a chance to work on the complaints she'd been telling me about. Accompany aging parents to their doctor’s appointments and into the doctor’s office to give symptoms and get advice.

    Be a mediator between the medical system and your aging parents. It helps to describe their problems to the doctor and make notes about the doctor's instructions.

Here are some more tips to help you with your aging parents;

And here are even more tips to help you keep them out of the hospital.

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