Get some Senior Magazines for your Aging Parents. Reading and Pictures Keep them Connected

Senior magazines often depend upon the memories of their readers for some of their material.

Human nature being what it is, we all enjoy reading about other people’s adventures, lives, stories from the heart. That’s why newspapers refer to them as “human interest” stories.

One example is an article in a recent issue of a monthly publication of a seniors club, in which the brave life sacrifice of an unknown watchman in post WWII Germany is recalled by a then- 4-year-old war survivor.

There are magazines for older seniors that focus on the times when their readers were younger...

  • using stories from the memories of seniors,

  • homespun tales,

  • favorite old-time poems and

  • real photos from the era.

Some reminiscing magazines contain plenty of pictures from earlier days. They have photos ranging from those taken during military service in WWII to class yearbook photos from the 1930s on up and even strange looking gizmos from earlier days whose owners want to know more about their quirky antiques.

You can read about those memories and listen to those that your own parents may want to tell you about also. This is a meaningful and pleasant way you can bond with your parents while learning about their memories of their past.

You can get other magazines with slick and colorful pictures that speak to the heart of the senior gardener or nature-lover. Their focus is on flora, fauna and fowl.

You want to keep Mom entertained with close-ups of hummingbirds she can actually see? There is where you will find them.

You say your dad is toying with an idea for the garden he just can’t picture? You’re sure to find an idea or two in these types of publications.

Many States in the country showcase breathtaking photos of their...

  • nature,

  • landscapes and

  • quaint old structures
in magazines specific to their states. They often include stories of unique individuals who live in various regions of their state and glimpses into local history statewide.

Still other senior magazines include news affecting seniors having to do with...

  • governmental agencies and insurance companies,

  • financial and healthcare news, and

  • advice columns.
This is a popular format that can be found in large-print form and that appeals widely to our aging parents and their friends.

There are even monthly and bimonthly online magazines for those older seniors who know how to surf the internet with their computer . Most of their topics include senior rights issues, travel, news, health, entertainment and finance.

Some magazines may be available as audio books for the vision -impaired. You can check with the local social services agency of the community where your Mom or Dad lives. Some provide reading services for the blind.

Don’t overlook how convenient it is for you to subscribe to these magazines as a gift to your parents. Your aging parents will be grateful to you for some large-print magazines when gift-giving occasions arise.

Your parents would find any of these print and online publications interesting. There is a senior magazine they would enjoy whether in looking back or looking ahead, keeping an eagle eye on Washington or eyeing eagles.

Be sure to pick up one of them, pull up a rocking chair and flip through the pages together to your hearts’ content. Happy ‘tales’ to you both!

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