High tech electronics promote senior independent living for your aging parents

I am always on the lookout for devices that can promote senior independent living. There is a lot of new stuff on the market every day. The electronics industry especially is overwhelming us all.

Whether it is NASA derivatives or geeks or the latest venture capital upstart, there is almost too much to choose from. Some of it is silly, most of it is interesting, and a few are really good.

Because I am looking after aging parents from a distance, I am always watching for something to help me make it easier. There is a serious need for devices and services that can help older people remain independent in their homes.

  • The emergency bracelet has been around for a few decades. The senior can activate this if they fall down. A monitor is alerted and help can be summoned.

  • There are a number of local towns and cities that have set up an automated calling service for seniors. A call is made to the home of the senior. If the phone is answered, a recorded message is given. Or the senior may be instructed to press a number to confirm they are alright.

  • Physicians' offices have been able to take this to the next level. A senior can take their blood pressure and have the reading transmitted back to the doctor's office. Or they can have their pacemaker tracings electronically reported back to their doctor.

Now there are devices that can monitor some of the activities of the senior in their home.

  • The senior can put their medications in a special container. An electronic signal is transmitted when the box is opened. So a distant caregiver can know if their aging parent has not taken their medications.

  • A device can be set up in the home to monitor movement or no movement in the home. A switch in the hallway for example may need to be triggered by movement after a certain length of time. Otherwise an alarm is transmitted and assistance can be notified.

Senior independent living is something that we can all agree with. Each of these devices contributes to making it easier for us. I want to know about anything there is that can help me keep my aging parents independent and out of the hospital or nursing home.

Most of us try to telephone every day to check on how our aging parents are doing. Even a brief conversation can reassure us that Mom or Dad is still doing alright. And they always seem to appreciate the call and the opportunity to talk with family.

But it is not easy to call all the time. Sometimes days go by before I get to call again. And I worry about how things are going.

A live daily telephone calling service would help. It would supplement the calls I am making. It would also act as extra reassurance that Mom is doing ok.

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