Senior Exercises
Help Your Aging Parents be Active, Mobile and Busy

Senior exercises can encourage our aging parents to avoid or delay disability. This helps to improve their strength, balance and coordination.

We know that physical activity can delay the progression of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, being overweight, diabetes and osteoporosis.

We know that we need to keep the 2 concepts of senior citizen and exercise in the same breath.

  • Exercise is effective in reducing falls and improving the quality of living.

  • Exercise can be very helpful in the elderly to reduce depression.

  • Exercise may slow and even reverse some chronic conditions. It can help those with arthritis to overcome some of their limitations.

  • Physical fitness for senior citizens can help your aging parents who are sedentary and don’t move around much to improve their physical functioning.

There are now people certified in senior fitness instruction. These instructors can help individualize senior citizen exercises for your aging parents. They are available to help aging seniors in communities, groups and individually.

Aging parents need to maintain simple yet very essential capacities such as-

  • the ability to get in and out of a chair and bed

  • sufficient grip strength in their hands to open doors and jars

  • good sense of balance so they do not fall down

  • the ability to walk fairly normally vs. walking very slowly

  • the ability to go up and down stairs may be important depending upon the home and environment

Most of these activities can be done at home or just in the back yard. But there are also some very simple senior citizen exercise tools that can add novelty and flexibility to the program. This will help maintain your aging parents' interest and motivation to continue the activities.

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