Senior Citizen Fitness
Help Keep Your Aging Parents Mobile and Independent

You can help keep your aging parents out of the hospital by paying attention to senior citizen fitness. Keep them active and work with their restrictions.

  • Walk through their home or apartment and notice what can be done to make it safer and easier. Equip the home or apartment with handicap devices. Things like hold-on bars in the bath, levered door knobs, large-numbered telephones, colored paint points on the thermostat and stove dials.

  • Encourage an exercise routine for your aging parents. Help them to do something simple but healthy. Senior citizen and exercise need to go together. Walking and swimming are good for starters for senior citizen fitness.

  • Try some games with your aging parents so exercising doesn't seem like senior citizen exercises. How about bowling and volleyball in the living room? Their friends or grandchildren can help out with these.

  • Encourage movement and activity. Pay attention to their shoes and foot care. Your aging parent needs to use stairs and take walks as senior citizen exercises.

  • Get some senior citizen exercise tools to make physical activity easier and more fun.

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    • Focus on your aging parent's specific physical problems. Various conditions can progressively limit elder health care and their ability to stay independent. It is not easy for a long-distance caregiver to be proactive with many of these.

    • When it comes to our aging parents, we have to be mindful of senior citizen fitness. Here are more benefits of senior exercises on the well-being of your aging parents. Try to encourage strength, balance and coordination. Turning door knobs and opening jars can get difficult.

    • Do you know about the serious risks of a broken hip? One false move getting up to the bathroom in the night can spell disaster for aging Mom or Dad. A fall risk assessment can help assess your situation.

    • Your aging parents are at risk of eye degeneration and getting macular degeneration. This is the commonest cause of loss of vision and blindness in seniors. What to expect- what to do to help them.

      Be aware that the physical limitations of their home can interfere with your elder care solutions. As the physical health of our aging parents declines we need to try and anticipate their needs. If we can get Alzheimers disease information we may be able to prepare for that situation also.

    Your aging parent will surely find some of the many devices, gadgets and arthritis aids helpful to keep them active and independent.

    Physical fitness for senior citizens and for your aging parents is very important for the health of all of you.

    You can minimize the effect of their environment on their physical health and reduce the risk that they might be admitted to more advanced and
    more expensive living situations.

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