Senior Chat Rooms
How to Keep Your Aging Parents Connected to their Community

Does the notion of senior chat rooms seem unlikely to you? If it does, then here’s a news flash. There are plenty of these forums for seniors out there. Even more surprising is the fact that it’s not just 50-year-olds who are using them.

A number of these internet websites can be found online for the 50-and-over crowd whose target age group goes all the way up to 100. Some are polished, easy to move around in, and offer privacy and security measures on the site. They can show what topics everyone has been talking about and provide access to several topics of interest to its users. In contrast, one that welcomes visitors with broken English may to be geared toward seniors of a specific nationality.

You can gather a wealth of information from these forums simply by checking out the topics they feature. Suppose your aging parent is interested in learning more about a particular subject. All they would have to do is find that tab on the menu of the website and read what others have written about it. They might even be inspired to write their own column for the site, about a subject they know well.

Most of these senior forums have in common several topics for discussion. Some subjects frequently raised in senior chat rooms are
  • retirement planning,

  • insurance,

  • shared insights on life in the twilight years,

  • estate planning and

  • funeral planning.

In a senior chat room, your aging parent can seek the advice of an expert concerning anything from gaming tips to World War II history to medical questions. Individual in-house experts are there to answer questions that are specific to their topic.

Some sites provide...
  • free local coupons,

  • trivia, and

  • suggestions
for anything from car tips to freebies. A few serve as a resource for finding care facilities in your local area.

One organization whose members are fifty-and-up has its very own senior chat room, with topics such as poetry, volunteering, political issues and job postings. It also offers a grief and bereavement forum for widows and widowers.

Since older seniors may not be as computer-savvy as other online chatters, safety is an important concern. One popular virus shield manufacturer seeks to address that issue. It offers advice to senior computer users on where to find training centers to learn computer basics. It also provides tips on keeping their data secure, buying online, and avoiding scams.

It can be easy for your aging parent to go online and find
  • companionship, and

  • community.
Some of these websites are geared toward followers of specific religions, while others are open to senior with other interests.

Any aging parent who is capable of learning how to use a computer can find helpful advice, friendship and more from these forums, no matter what their age. If your parent is among them, consider getting them online. Doing so could open them up to a whole new world of exploration.

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