What are the Benefits of the Telephone Calling Service for YOU- a Senior Caregiver?

What are the benefits for YOU as a senior caregiver?

It’s hard, isn’t it, that you don’t get to call Mom or Dad as much as you think you should? Don’t you wish you could call them every day? Maybe more?

But sometimes you can’t. Sometimes it doesn’t fit your schedule. Or you just don’t get around to it- what with everything else.

Well, same here. My mother is in her 80’s and lives 1,500 miles away. I'm one of her senior caregivers. So I know how it is. And it’s too bad- because she won’t be here forever.

Maybe your Mom or Dad is also older and lives far away- or even just across town. Maybe you can arrange your schedule to make a call every day- but you’re still concerned about how she’s doing.

Or maybe you are like most of us and she gets a call only every 3-4 days, like my mom.

I've got a solution to phoning your Mom or Dad- a daily live calling service to have a concerned and cheerful conversation. We can make friendly calls for you every single day - whether you do or not!

  • We can talk about the things you talk about- on those days when you just aren’t able to call.

  • You can feel better about not being able to call every day.

  • You can relax and focus on your work, meetings and family

  • You look good with this classy service for your Mom or Dad

  • You save money- postpone expensive health care options by keeping your aging parent less isolated and lonely

My friend Lisa was in a long meeting. She kept interrupting to try to call her Mom to remind her to take her pills. Finally she got through, but she was so frustrated - and the meeting was a mess. You know what I mean.

As senior caregivers, this calling service can now help keep these stressful situations at a minimum.

How can you use this calling service for your aging parents?

  • To supplement the check-ins you are already making

  • To help you when you just can’t make those calls

  • A surprise gift for a birthday or anniversary

In one family of senior caregivers I know, one of the adult children is able to call her older Mom every day. Another calls every 3-4 days. Another calls every few weeks. They all work hard and would like to call more often- but that’s it…

This calling service can make the call every single day- and bring some cheerfulness and talk about things that are important for Mom.

My days are like everyone else’s.

  • I get home from a long schedule at work around 6pm…

  • I have supper and watch some TV until 8…

  • Because of time difference, now its Mom’s supper time…

  • Then she waits for the visiting nurse assistant…

  • Then its 9 or 10 and I’m getting too tired to have a sincere conversation!

So I don’t get to make my call to Mom again today.

You can stay in touch for less than 2 visits to the coffee bar aday- and do it well- with a touch of class!

Sometimes, it just isn’t easy for you to make the call and have a chat. You may be having down days and maybe the calls haven’t been going well lately.

This calling service is there to make pleasant and sincere calls every day. There’s no history or “baggage” in the conversation that your family might have. You can rely on us to be there on those days when you can’t or don’t make the call yourself.

With this calling service, YOU get...

  • Relief as their caregiver

  • A BETTER relationship with your Mom or Dad

  • You can save time and work

  • More reassurance about their safety and well-being

  • Sense of accomplishment that you have offered a helpful yet classy service for them

  • We are working for YOU!

  • You get an assistant to help with Mom or Dad

  • Mom or Dad will think you are the best! - #1!

  • -More time and energy for your own health and family

  • Save money

  • Convenient- Register your parents online, by fax, by phone or by mail.

  • Nothing else to do- automatic payments can be set-up

WAIT A MINUTE. How do you save money??

-Postpone and shorten hospital stays, rehab and assisted living

-Postpone visiting nurses and physiotherapists

-Reduce your own wear and tear

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