Senior Care Products
Get These Devices to Help Your Aging Parents

Today’s aging seniors have one major advantage: there far more senior care products designed to make their lives easier than there were in years gone by. Everything from

  • push-button medical alerting systems

  • to chair lifts that fit onto stairway banisters
are readily available for the elderly living at home.

You now have, literally at your fingertips, a wide range of bathroom accessories, for example. These are devices that can make your aging parent safer when using the toilet, bathtub or shower. And they weren’t available for earlier generations. Among them are
  • gripper bars,

  • talking scales,

  • benches,

  • air purifiers,

  • specially modified toilet seats,

  • and hair dryer holders.

You can also make their living room more comfortable, with
smoke-free ashtrays, specially-made cushions, leg rests, massage seats and seats that swivel, are portable, and seemingly do everything but serve them coffee!

What about...
  • Lighted canes and walkers, exercisers, carts for the laundry room or grocery store and doing errands,

  • specially equipped phones and phone accessories,

  • and bed handles and rails in the bedroom
that can make everyday living with limitations more manageable. They can also help extend your aging mom or dad’s independence. This in turn keeps them happier and healthier and more mobile than they would be otherwise.

If your aging parent is into gardening, you can get them a handy garden tote to carry their water hose, flowers, magazines, you-name-it, in the garden or home.

Today’s trays, lap desks and tables can literally shed light on a whole new world, with some that have built-in lights, some that swivel, and others whose heights and tilts are adjustable.

You can also find specially designed cell phones that have large buttons and are easier for aging fingers to press. This makes keeping in touch with Mom or Dad far simpler than with traditional models of cell phones. Those numbers are often too hard for brittle fingers to press, too difficult for their eyes to read, and too small to be able to safely and easily handle.

There are even single-handed umbrellas you can buy, for the stroke victim or parent with difficulty using one arm or hand.

There are senior care products intended to be used by those with limited vision. One strategy is to identify common household items or medications. You can make up to a 10-second voice recording (in any language) identifying the item on a re-usable card. Then attach it to the article to assist them in finding household items, clothing, food, or any other object.
Pests and insects don’t stand a chance anymore in your parent’s home, now that there are a number of different devices you can buy to repel or capture them in their home.

By going on-line you can find countless ways to simplify your aging parent’s life at home and enhance their safety, with everything from

  • talking alarm clocks to

  • door knob- and key- adjusters,

  • from lighting devices and adapters to

  • reachers

  • and even alarms to prevent wandering.

With the strides that have been made recently in senior care products to better serve the needs of a growing elderly population, senior caregivers can make the lives of their aging parents- and their own- far more secure, safer and easier than ever before. By doing so, you’re sure to also take home for both you and your parents what, until now, was difficult to come by at any store:

peace of mind!

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