Digital Photos and Email are Important for
Great Grand-parents

Set up the home computer for photos and easy e-mail service to you and the grandchildren and for family digital pictures.

Besides solitaire, the other utility Mom (and Dad before he passed away) found helpful with the computer is the e-mail. We added the local Internet service and printed out a menu to use to send and receive their email messages. Pretty soon, they were on a couple of seniors’ subscription lists that they enjoyed.

But most importantly, they loved getting email from their children (us) and grandchildren. They really enjoyed receiving the online digital pictures of the great grandchildren.

My own kids were starting their families and were taking a lot of pictures with digital cameras and putting them online for all of us to see. With the small children in their families they don’t travel much and Mom rarely sees the great grandchildren otherwise. My sister bought Mom and Dad a small color printer so that they could print and place new family pictures.

With messages going back and forth between me and Mom and Dad, it was like a running conversation over many days that were interspersed with actual telephone calls.

Unfortunately, like the phone calls that I never make often enough, I didn’t feel like I answered their email soon enough. I felt bad that a day or even 2 would go by before I would get around to sending another message.

Fortunately, my sister sent them email more often. It was also nice for me to receive a message from them once in awhile.

I felt reassured that they were interested enough to be able to meet the demands of not-so-simple computer technology and “still be an ongoing part of this world”. This email connection provided them with an extra means of communication with us and kept them less isolated.

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