Here Are Some Party Games for Seniors: Keep Your Aging Parents Busy and
Out of the Hospital!

You’re visiting with your aging parents and think: let’s try some fun party games for seniors now! You know there must be some fun ones out there but don’t know where to begin.

Let me tell you about a few that your parents and you will enjoy, that will help keep their minds alive, and can help you connect to them in ways you might not expect.

  • One particular board game is a popular party game that does not require a Ph.D. in TV shows, history, science, etc. Anyone over 12 can play by matching adjectives with nouns in sometimes hilarious ways. Since it teams words with social skills, it is not only fun but also possibly among the most beneficial of party games for seniors.

  • If you or your parents possess obscure knowledge on a number of subjects, you can always count on the classic Trivial Pursuit series of games to fill the bill. There are several variations from which to choose, each quizzing players on those tantalizing trivia tidbits covering various subject matters, including some about Pop Culture and different decades.

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  • An acquaintance of mine and his friends like to play another known as Shake Loose a Memory. It’s a memory-jogging game that involves rolling a dice, then drawing a card from one of six stacks of cards whose number corresponds to the number thrown on the dice.

The player then reads the statement on the flip side of the card (for example, “Keep this card if you have ever square danced.”) If so, he shares his memories of that experience with the other players; if not, play continues with the next player. If the player has done whatever the card describes, he gets to keep that card. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins.

  • Another truth-telling game is just as much fun. Some, in fact, would say even more so. It’s sort of like Truth or Dare. The player reads aloud whatever statement is on the flip side of the card they drew (for instance, “I have been sent to the Principal’s office”), and the other players guess whether that statement is true of the player or not. After everyone has guessed, the player reveals whether it is true or false.

Both games can reveal secrets with hilarious results, as players are shocked to learn who among them has skinny-dipped, who’s tipped over an outhouse, who has entered a house through a window, etc.

You never know what will come out of these games. Once, I was there when “Helen” drew a card that stated she’d ridden a motorcycle. The idea of the sweet-faced, prim and proper Helen straddling a Harley was side-splittingly funny enough to inspire the good-natured ribbing of the others. “So, what do you think, Mary? Do you think Helen here has ever been a ‘motorcycle mama’?!” “Well, who knows? I mean, we just found out last turn that she’s worn silk pj’s!”

You can rest assured that with any of these party games for seniors, you won’t be bored, and you just might learn a thing or two about your parent’s life before you came along. It’s a fun journey to take down the memory lane that awaits you. You’ll be glad you went along for the ride.

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