An Old Cell Phone Adds Security for an Aging Parent to Call 911

Give Mom or Dad your old cell phone- it may still be used for emergency 911 calls if necessary.

When you are finished with your phone and you get a new one, what do you do with the old one? You might put it on the bottom shelf with the other old phones and all the other stuff that you will never use again but can’t throw out- just in case. Or you can throw it out in the garbage.

Or you can give it to a charity where they somehow pass it on to underprivileged people who need emergency services. They have a box at my bank where they ask customers for old phones for this.

Because almost any cell phone is programmed to always work with a 911 call- even if there is no paid subscription to a cell phone plan. So why not give your old phone to your aging parents- just for 911 emergencies?

Give Mom or Dad your old cell phone that you are finished with, tell them to keep it charged up, attach it to the belt that they wear all the times, and tell them to carry it with them everywhere- especially when they go out. If they ever find themselves in an emergency situation, they can always call 911- and call for free.

This can be a great resource for any kind of emergency. If they fall down, or feel like they are having a stroke or a heart attack, or they think they are having a security problem, they can call 911.

And you can rest assured- now that you have added this extra level of protection to their security.

And after you have given your old phone to your aging parents, give the others to charity so others can benefit also. Thanks.

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