MORE Tips to Help You Keep Their Aging Parents
Out of the Hospital!

Here are some more tips. When my Dad passed away a few years ago, I needed to get more involved as one of my Mom's caregivers. I needed to learn about dealing with aging parents. And I needed to learn some things fast.

  • Some aging parents already have some basic computer skills. Get a home computer for Mom or Dad. Most aging parents don't have computers yet. Getting computers for seniors is a great idea. Get one for them right away. Many like to just play solitaire on the computer.

  • Make sure their computer is "friendly". Set up Mom or Dad's computer. Its easy to set up the home computer for your aging parents. Then they can exchange e-mail with you and the grandchildren they can see the digital family photographs.

  • A couple of inexpensive web-cams can be heart-warming. Set up Mom or Dad's computer web-cam for family chats. Keep the lines of communication open. Remember though that dial-up is too slow for live video- you'll need high speed internet connections on both ends.

  • Keep an eye out for gadgets that you never thought about before. Get things for Mom or Dad just to make daily living easier. When visiting their home or apartment, look for around for things in the kitchen or living room or bathroom that need changing, replacing, updating.

  • Here are even more tips to try to make it easier for you with your aging parents.

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