Independent Living Aids
Help Keep Your Aging Parents
Where They Are Most Comfortable

You need all the independent living aids you can get to keep your aging parents active and out of the hospital. Buy, borrow and "invent" these ordinary things to do the work for you. There are many
elder care products and handicap devices and systems that are available for you. They can...

  • Help your aging parents stay healthy,

  • Minimize their risks at home,

  • Help keep them out of the hospital,

  • Help you monitor them without needing to be invasive or controlling,

  • Keep them “virtually” close to you.

Be attentive to your aging parents situation when you are browsing in the hardware stores or discount stores or online. Big-box warehouses, department stores, specialty shops - even yard and garage sales can be surprisingly fruitful for these kinds of gadgets. You can find all sorts of things that they need but do not know it yet.

By going online I never cease to be amazed at the enormous capacity to be creative around these devices to help our aging parents. There are so many senior care products that are available that can make such a difference in their daily lives.

  • The first thing to get is a jar opener. It is so good I even bought one for myself. It's amazing how those jars and bottles are getting harder to open these days.

There is a host of arthritis aids that can be a godsend for you as a senior caregiver of your aging parent. Check them out.

Always be on the lookout for elder care equipment and gadgets that your aging parent will find useful.

Also, help your aging parents get onto senior chat rooms to stay connected with their community. They can find advice, support, friendship and news with like-minded people from around the world.

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