A hot tub is a great way to relax and make a connection

My wife bought me a hot tub for my birthday a few years ago. At first, I was concerned about how much it cost. But I got used to that.

It arrived brand new and was hoisted over the house with a crane- included in the price. We placed it in the back yard close to the back door for easy access.

We keep the temperature of the water at about 97 degrees F. At this level, it is very comfortable. We can stay in the tub for an hour or more without any problems or side effects.

I have been fascinated by hot tubs for a long time. When we visited Florida, we spent time in the hot tubs. But I found them a bit uncomfortable. It was too hot and sometimes I would get nauseous.

Even after a few years, we are still using it often. I go in the hot tub once or twice every day. Sometimes a week or ten days go by when we don't use it. But we use it rain or shine. I like it in the winter- especially when it is snowing.

In the afternoon it is wonderful to be in the sun in the tub. This gives me a chance to get my Vitamin D. For those of us who are northerners, we don't get enough vitamin D any more. Apparently, we need at least 25% of our skin exposed for 15 minutes each day to make enough Vitamin D.

Reading and relaxing in the tub is just great. In the evening, we are star-gazing. We don't see a lot because of the surrounding city lights. But my Dad was an astronomy buff before he passed away a few years ago. And I take the time to remember and connect with him.

As I sit in the tub day or night, looking out onto my back yard is grounding. It enables an easy connection to nature.

A small fruit tree collects a variety of birds. We have a family of turkeys that walk the back yard through a couple of times a day looking for seeds and bugs. We have a couple of rabbits out in the grass. And fireflies in the evening.

We do have mosquitoes in the evening. We have solved this with hats that have an attached netting covering down to our shoulders so we are not affected. We use these hats without the nets in the rain or snow.

My wife ordered an "ozone-ator" so we use a lot less chemicals than otherwise. And we order the chemicals online so they are quite inexpensive.

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