Look at our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the live daily telephone calling service...

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

I know you will be very impressed with this calling service. I want you to be completely satisfied. If you are like me, you hate to make a mistake. So, I am offering you my 100% money-back warranty with no questions asked.

If you are a subscriber and you or your Mom or Dad or shut-in is not completely satisfied with this service, I will refund your entire payment for the week. For longer subscriptions, the 1st week will be fully refunded and the remaining unused days pro-rated.

  • Period.

  • For any reason.

  • No questions asked.

  • Immediately.

(Though I’d appreciate knowing why you are not satisfied so I can try to make our service better).

This is more than just a warranty. This is a personal promise.

  • No exceptions

  • No questions

  • No strings

I need you to be comfortable when you purchase this service for your aging parent. If you change your mind, or if you think it is not working out, I want you to know that you haven't made a mistake.

Rob McInnes

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