Gifts for Seniors
How to Bring Them Happiness and
Help Keep Them Out of the Hospital

You may think that buying gifts for seniors is tricky. But the fact is there are many gifts for your aging parents that they will be delighted to receive. Better still, they are also easy for you to buy.

Several websites offer gifts for seniors at reasonable prices for games, books, and other popular pastimes. Among them are...

  • oversized playing cards,

  • score-keeping pads,

  • games like Po-Ke-No,

  • puzzles, Sudoku and dominoes.

Portable chess games will occupy them for hours and are good for their brain health. You can also buy board game versions of popular TV game shows, like The Price is Right or Jeopardy at local stores or online.

Tools that make life easier can be a hit for your aging parents.
  • One idea is a lever extender. This can make the lever to their favorite recliner chair easier to use.

  • They might like a swivel stool that swivels for use in the shower, or a special shower chair that helps prevent slipping.

  • Handles, trays and cups that attach to the chair for holding shampoo, soap, etc., are also options you can buy.

  • A stand for their hair dryer or a scale that shows their weight at eye level can be other thoughtful gifts for seniors.

You can’t go wrong with old movies and TV shows on DVD. There are many popular titles to choose from that range from old episodes of Lawrence Welk to their favorite Bette Davis flick.

For the bookworm, you will find...
  • no shortage of books available in large print versions for those who can no longer read regular print.

  • Audio books would be great for your aging parent who can no longer see well enough to read or hold regular books because of shaky or painful hands or other hand and arm problems.

  • Imagine an MP3 for your aging parent...
Some of the things you like, too, make good gifts for seniors whose minds are still sharp. One 87-year-old lady I know enjoys listening to the iPod her son gave her for hours on end. Once he showed her how to turn it on and off and plug it in to charge it, she started taking it everywhere with her. That one gift has become many, as he adds to or replaces the songs it holds with more of her favorites.

Dementia patients whose minds have taken them back to their early years love to get toys and stuffed animals. Funny novelties like an animal that “dances” to a song it plays are also fun gifts for aging seniors.

Loose, comfortable clothing, socks, slippers and blankets are ever-popular gifts for aging seniors. You can find tools to help your aging parents get dressed and undressed, like zipper pullers and stocking removers, for around $10 - $40.

Arm rest pocket organizers may be found that are not expensive and will keep everyday items handy wherever they like to sit. Other thoughtful ideas include digital photo frames, sun visors, grippers with long handles, binoculars and birding guides in large print.

With your aging parent’s interests and needs as your guide, you’ll find dozens of fun, thoughtful gifts they’d be thrilled to receive and will treasure for all time.

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