Gifts for Elderly Parents
Easy for You
Fun for Them

"Gifts for elderly people?" "What would be best for Mom (or Dad)?” or, “What could I get them that they don’t already have?” The holidays are coming, so you’re probably wondering what to do.

Actually, it probably doesn’t matter what they already have, as long as they truly want more of it. Take cologne, for instance. If all Mom likes is White Shoulders and she’s almost out of it, then buying her a fresh bottle of it would be a very thoughtful route to take when considering gifts for elderly parents. Otherwise, there are lots of fresh ideas to consider that they’d love to get as gifts.

You may have parents whose home is along the flight paths of hummingbirds or other birds, for example. Or maybe they enjoy plenty of good weather for gardening or chilling out on the patio or balcony.
For them, you can’t go wrong with gifts like hummingbird feeders, birdhouses, solar lanterns, bug-zappers, etc.
And speaking of gardening ideas, some stores stock boxes of pre-planted bulbs in decorative pots. Even an indoor garden-lover can have beautiful blooms, even where space is limited.

If your parents are homebodies, you could go with...
  • DVDs, CDs,

  • audio books, large print books,

  • or magazine subscriptions.

Another idea is a new electronic device which receives and prints off emails and photos through a basic phone line without a computer – perfect for those who are not computer-savvy or who don’t own one.

You say Mom or Dad can no longer see his watch? Bet he’d love a talking watch that actually tells him the time!

An acquaintance of mine lives in a nursing home. She used to love listening to the waves against the shore. She was overjoyed when she received a plug-in device that brings
  • the sound of the ocean waves to her,

  • as well as night crickets,

  • a springtime rain,

  • and other soothing sounds.

Sometimes the most heart-warming gifts for elderly parents are personalized gifts. A “Poetic Portrait” written from details about them, like their personality, favorite hobbies, things they’re known for or especially love, etc., is one example. Personal songs, videos, cartoon, signs can also be creative.

Another idea is to do something for them for another person as a gift.
One lady talked excitedly for weeks about the baby blanket her daughter was crocheting for a friend’s great-grandchild, a skill she could no longer do.

Those whose Moms have Alzheimers or some other form of dementia will see that, in time, their memories become focused on their girlhood. You could get her a cuddly stuffed animal that she can hold and snuggle, just as she did in days gone by.

In the end, any gift you give will be cherished, simply because it came from you. If you also buy it with their current lifestyle in mind, you can be sure it will also be loved for its usefulness and practicality, as well.

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