Games for Seniors
Help Keep Your Aging Parents Engaged

Finding games for seniors and other ways to entertain them can be easy if you know where to find them. Luckily, the internet has a wealth of good web sites that have dozens of ideas that would work as games for aging parents. Also many of them are free.

Timeless favorite card games and board games like Yahtzee, different types of poker, and solitaire are always good choices. But there are others, too.

  • Brain teasers like trivia quiz books are also favored as games for seniors. Remembering the good old days can be fun and provides good exercise for the brain.

  • You can find many trivia and memory-jarring books online. Some of them cover trivia from just the 1920s, the 1930s or the 1940s.
You can also find books online that contain activities and games for your aging parents that they can play alone or with a group. Often, these books have separate sections for different levels of playing ability.

Some chapters describe games for aging seniors with dementia. Other chapters feature games that would be too hard for people with dementia but are fun for other seniors.

If your aging parent likes to play bridge and is able, find ways to allow them to continue to play, for their brain and overall health. Senior centers and churches sometimes offer bridge games for seniors.

Games that encourage players to share their thoughts and dreams and memorable moments are healthy fun for all family members. One example is Life Stories. It is a game that can be played by two to eight people. Instead of competing with each other, players respond to questions that have no right or wrong answer.

Tossing games are a great exercise and can be played with two or a team. All the equipment you need is a
  • balloon or a beach ball,

  • a bean bag

  • or a plastic ring and a pole.
Grand-children often love tossing the balloon back and forth to great-grandma or -grandpa. Or they might compete to see who can pitch the bean bag the furthest. Or, if you have volleyball net and a few players, try a round of “volley balloon”, with a balloon as the volleyball.

Specially-made balls with various surfaces can relieve stress while feeling good in one’s hands. These ‘sensory balls’ are used by therapists and rehab departments to focus patient’s attention. They are also safe and soothing fun for fidgety fingers and hands to handle, and are often brightly colored, as well.

Some games for your aging parents like bowling and basketball are available in computer gaming like Wii. Like tossing games, players can practice and test their aiming skills in a safe, fun, and social activity.

Some games for seniors, like the Toss ‘n Talk-About Ball, combine throwing with talking. Whatever topic your thumb is touching when you catch the ball is what you talk about.

Go online and you’ll see that your aging parents have many more options than just
  • shuffleboard or

  • bingo.
Popular as these two games may be, no matter what your age, variety is still the spice of life.

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