Free Stuff For Seniors
Get a Bargain AND a Bonus for Your Aging Parents

Who doesn’t like freebies? Fortunately, free stuff for seniors can be found just about everywhere you look...

  • From the internet,

  • to your corner store, or

  • local yard sale,
if you want to take advantage of some free stuff, you won’t have to search too far.

You can find plenty of websites that offer freebies for all ages, and seniors are no exception. You can find some free stuff that is health-related, like free vitamins, nutritional drinks, discreet pads, and medicine samples, some prescription. There’s even a website for getting prescription medicines for free or at very low cost just by filling out its application.

Your social-minded parent might go for the free personal ad they can post in search of a companion.

For the pets in their lives, your pet-lovers would appreciate the free pet rescue sticker they can put on the window, thanks to a nationwide chain of pet shelters. Likewise for the samples of pet food, health supplements and catnip that are all given away as free stuff for seniors.

Your loved one has lots of choices, too, of free food for them. One national restaurant chain gives away an appetizer for getting its online newsletter. Lemon, tuna and coffee-lovers won’t be disappointed, either, with the free stuff for seniors they can get. Whether they love yogurt or chocolates, they can find freebies of either online.

Seniors who like web-surfing can find free webcam videos to view.

The fisherman in the family would reel from freebie fishing gear like lures and tackles, tips, and videos that are available from various websites.

Gender-specific freebies also abound. Others would be happily received by men or women, like subscriptions of free movies from a movie-mail order service or samples of shampoos and toiletries.

  • The golfer would go for the occasional golf freebies you can find online.

  • And free dinners, specific dishes or desserts during the month of their birthday are offered by several national restaurant chains, ice cream parlors and fast food chains.

  • The crafty parent can find a cache of creative patterns and projects offered online as free stuff for seniors.

  • You can send away for samples of everything from fabric softeners to cereals to popcorn for your lagging parent to receive by mail.
According to one source, a home energy use evaluation can sometimes lead to getting free light bulbs or plumbing items.

Your aging parent may also qualify for free tax assistance come tax time. Some senior centers and agencies may be able to tell you more.

Free health screenings are plentiful through your local hospitals, pharmacy, and other medical care facilities.

At times, local governmental social agencies will provide free transportation to those who need it, to get to doctor’s appointments and the like.

You’ll find several websites that offer free products directly or that make referrals to those that do.

Free games, puzzles and other activities are a few other freebies that are yours for the taking, just by going online.

Freebies are big business, for any age. So go online or just down the street to claim your parent’s share today!

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