Good Foot Care by professional providers helps keep Aging Parents Active and Out of the Hospital!!

It helps to pay attention to foot care. This is not something easy to talk about with Mom or Dad. But as aging parents get older, their feet change a lot.

  • Perhaps with the progression of arthritis the feet develop a different shape and don’t fit in shoes the way they used to. And it may not be so easy to get shoes “off the rack” that fit so easily. It may be worth it to purchase fitted shoes or even “Orthopedic” shoes that fit the new shape properly. They are more expensive and have a stereotype look, but remember, all this is to promote mobility. This will help aging parents continue senior citizen exercises and reduce isolation by getting out more.

  • Another thing is that toenails get more difficult to manage. Again, the arthritis and joint problems may make it hard to reach to cut toenails. And toenails may get thicker which can make it difficult to cut. A great idea is to arrange for Mom or Dad to have a pedicure every few weeks. There are people who specialize in this type of foot care. They will spend 30 minutes or so and take care of this problem. And besides, it could be time spent talking with another visitor.

  • There is another experience that is not directly about the feet, but it is “footwork”. I don’t know anything about reflexology, but I have received a treatment and it is wonderful. Reflexology is an alternative healing technique that works through the feet. A practitioner will provide what seems like a foot massage. The treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes and is very peaceful. My feet felt very limber and refreshed afterwards. My mother receives these treatments often. It is also a good opportunity to have another visitor over regularly.

  • It may be difficult for aging parents to wash their feet in the bath or shower the way they used to. So hygiene can suffer. This can lead to problems and complications. Foot soaks can be a possibility to consider. Mom or Dad can soak their feet in a “foot massager”, for example, with or without the massage. They can do this while sitting in their favorite chair while watching TV in the afternoon or evening.

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