Hey Boomers! Look at all These Great Features of This Telephone Calling Service for Your Aging Parents

WHAT are the features of the calling service?

  • We make a daily, live phone call for a concerned and cheerful conversation with your aging Mom or Dad or other loved-one

  • We can make a phone call every single day of the week- every week

  • We make our own calls- a small staff of cheerful concerned screened associates who understand what your aging parents are going through

  • We make a confidential conversation to check-in and chat about each day’s concerns

  • We make friendly reminders about taking pills, keeping appointments, eating meals, chores and errands

  • We continue conversation threads from one day to the next

  • We send you an alert to notify you if we get no answer to our calls to with Mom or Dad

  • We can make the call to loved-ones in their home, apartment, nursing home- ANYWHERE- even at their hospital bedside. We can even call their cell phone if they are traveling

  • We can call your Mom or Dad or shut-in every single day, every week, week after week

  • We usually have the same associate calling; usually about the same time each day

  • We have a cheerful and concerned conversation for at least 5 minutes

  • We listen to what You tell us about what is important to your loved-one right now to start the conversation

  • We add things to chat about each day

  • We call up to 3 times a day if there is no answer. If your loved-one doesn't answer, we send a message to you to notify you

  • We call anywhere- that’s ANYWHERE in the world, 9am-9pm local time

  • We can make the first call the same day as the order

  • We offer a weekly subscription, or a monthly subscription at a discount

  • We guarantee your satisfaction. Look at this great feature again: Your satisfaction is guaranteed

  • We are very concerned about the well-being of your parents- our clients. Our small staff of calling associates are screened with references and background check.

What this calling service is NOT:

  • We are NOT a telemarketing business- we do not sell anything to the person being called
  • We do NOT use automatic dialers or recorded messages or automated calls

  • We do NOT use offshore callers- all our callers are from the US or Canada- myself or my wife, or a few selected and screened associates

  • We are NOT a 900 service- there are NO extra or surprise or hidden charges or fees

  • We are NOT a call-back business- the recipient does not call us- we only call them

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