Here are EVEN MORE Tips That I Learned as a Senior Caregiver of Aging Parents

Here are even more tips that senior caregivers can find useful. Anything that helps aging parents can help keep them out of the hospital. My Mom in her 80's lives alone 1500 miles away and my in-laws are also in their 80's over 300 miles in another direction.

Whether your loved-ones are across town or across the country, there are things you can do to maintain their well-being.

I wish there were an easier way to manage all of this. Being so far away and also being busy with my own life and responsibilities. It seems like we are inventing the wheel. How do people get to do this more successfully? Any ideas would be helpful.

At the same time, I realize that I/we need to devote more time and energy with my aging parents while all of us still have time left. Soon it will be too late and I will have to live with my regrets and remorse for the decisions that I made for/with them.

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