Here are Even More Benefits of Having a Daily Live Telephone Calling Service for Your Aging Parents to Help You Keep Them Out of the Hospital

Is it possible there are even more benefits of this calling service? This is a state-of-the-art calling service. We use the telephone to call your Mom or Dad or shut-in every single day. We use e-mail or text-message to connect to you with the latest, if necessary.

The calling service takes caregivers into the 21st century.

The calling service can help keep aging parents and shut-ins independent and in their homes- and out of nursing homes.

But the calling service can also call loved-ones in their home, apartment, nursing home- or even at their hospital bedside. As I’m getting into my 60’s, I was getting closer to my Mom and Dad. Then my Dad passed away. Now my Mom is alone. My siblings and I are all struggling with this new relationship with her.

As a senior caregiver myself, I could use an opportunity like this calling service to help me with my own Mom!

If you want to know of even more benefits, listen to this...

My friend Lisa was in a long meeting and kept interrupting to try to call her Mom to remind her to take her pills. She finally got through, but she was so frustrated - and the meeting was a mess. You know what I mean.

The calling service can now help keep these stressful situations at a minimum.

Mom or Dad can get depressed since they are alone most of the time, or trying to be a caregiver for their spouse. You know how much a nice friendly call can make them feel so much better. This calling service can help you do that- and each and every day.

The calling service provides a trustworthy and confidential conversation.

I insisted that my Mom get a subscription to one of those services that provide a necklace or bracelet that has an emergency alert on it. When she is in trouble, she can press it and an agent calls her. She can talk to someone there- or if she doesn’t answer, they call a neighbor.

This device gives good medical and security protection. And I recommend it for every aging parent and shut-in.

This calling service is extra! It provides even more benefits. It provides companionship, as well as reassurance.

You know that pets make it so much easier for lonely elderly people. Dogs and cats and birds- even household plants! - give purpose and meaning to their lives. Imagine what a regular call from the calling service can add to their lives- it can give them even more benefits.

You love your Mom or Dad. You care for them very much. You want their aging years to be as comfortable and rewarding as possible. You work so hard to make their lives that way. Now, here’s a calling service which makes it easier for them- and you too!

Aging parents are at great risk for falls. A broken hip often means extended hospitalization with its own risks, and disability. This calling service helps keep seniors alert and involved- feeling more self-esteem.

Your aging parent’s friends are getting fewer and becoming less available- some are being admitted to the hospital, others leave to be with family- to visit or to live closer. The calling service is there every single day- bringing service and companionship.

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