Mental and Emotional Health
Help Keep Your Aging Parents Connected to Their Friends and Family

Emotional health is so critical to keeping your aging parents out of the hospital.

They will appreciate any effort you do to maintain their mental and emotional well-being.

You and Mom or Dad can all profit from your suggestions and help to keep them connected to the people and things that are important to them.

There are games for seniors that can help keep your aging parents entertained and connected to their friends and family.

Set up a schedule of people and professionals who will help you with your aging parents. There are service agencies and individuals that specialize in elder health care. These people can make visits and house calls to their home for various duties and activities.

As the caregiver for your aging parents, you can be vigilante for the symptoms of dementia. Then you can try and anticipate their emotional health problems before they occur.
  • Playing games with your aging parents when you visit can help them to “keep the mind alive”. Party games for seniors such as word games, board games, puzzles, trivia, card games can all be a good challenge for aging parents.

  • Maintain a connection with your aging parents as a caregiver by trying to make a regular phone call. And try to get to visit as often as you can.

  • Your aging parents can often surprise you with some good senior quotes about how they are adjusting to their situations.

  • Encourage Mom or Dad to maintain their friendships and social activities. There are always places where senior people meet . You can help them make arrangements get out and be with others- shopping or in a restaurant or even in the common room.

  • You can help maintain the emotional health of your aging parents by keeping them involved with family- your family and your children and grandchildren if you have them. Bringing family over for a brief visit may be a nice break from the routine. Involving Mom or Dad in family events and celebrations is very important. And senior citizen photos bring a long-lasting connection to families and friends.

  • OK, so now you have their computer set up for solitaire and stuff. But don't forget digital photos and email- to you and the great-grandchildren. You can be creating today with today's cameras.

When you buy gifts for seniors you can make them very happy. There are lots of suggestions to get gifts for elderly parents these days.

You might be interested in even more tips to help you with your aging parents.

All this can also help you with your own caregiver stress and emotional health.

You can help keep your parents more emotionally connected to their environment and less likely to need expensive assisted living.

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