Get an Emergency Necklace or Bracelet for Your Mom or Dad for Medical or Security Emergencies Around the Home

I soon learned that an "emergency necklace" would be an important aid.

When my Dad passed away a couple of years ago, my Mom was living by herself in her apartment. We started to worry about her and how she was doing alone.

I began to take more seriously that annoying old TV ad which had become a joke for those us who didn’t yet understand- “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”. You know the one.

I thought my Mom should have some sort of an emergency device like that now. I started to hear of so many stories of accidents like that with older seniors that emergency jewelry might help.

In fact, my aunt, who has now also passed away, fell in her assisted-living home and couldn’t get up off the floor or even move over to reach the telephone. She lay there for almost 24 hours before someone came to help her.

There are several variations available on the market. Some are not functional in every city or town. An emergency alert bracelet or necklace or even a belt attached device that the person wears all the time (ideal), or puts on every morning upon wakening (less effective) gives my siblings and me a lot of relief.

If my Mom finds herself in an emergency, she presses the little button around her neck and an agent calls her on the phone. If she doesn’t answer, one or more previously designated neighbors are called to check-in on her.

One problem with it is this… People tend to take them off and leave them at home when they go out. It’s true that most of the devices will not work outside of the home because of the distance.

However, it can still be useful for any emergencies in the elevator or laundry room, or lobby- or even the store next door.

This is a great device to help caregivers and usually costs less than $100 per month.

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