Elderly Day Care
Get Help and Support for Your Aging Parents

“Thank goodness they now have elderly day care for seniors!” my neighbor was saying. “I don’t know what she would do without it!”

I knew who she was talking about. One of her friends has an aging father who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

Every day she drops him off at her church’s adult day care so she can run errands, help with the grand-children and even, some days, work a part-time job.
The elderly day care option is perfect for him as long as he
  • doesn’t need 24-hour supervision,

  • is able to get around on his own in his wheelchair,

  • and can still use the bathroom by himself.
His daughter knows he will...
  • enjoy getting the social company he craves

  • in a setting that is upbeat with activities that interest him,

  • as well as be served healthy meals and a snack that meet his special dietary needs,

  • by staff who will keep him in a safe environment.

It’s easy enough to see the benefits these centers have for the caregiver. You’d be just as pleased to learn of the good they do for the elderly who go there.

Elderly day care centers are a blessing for those aging parents
  • who is mobile (even if they use a walker, cane or wheelchair),

  • who can no longer plan their day,

  • and who would be unsafe if left home by themselves.
    It is also for those who have hired a regular caregiver, since they sometimes need a break from their duties.

    They can then use the time off to run errands or simply unwind, so they can return to their duties renewed and refreshed.
Adult day care can be a real comfort to the children of aging parents. It is reassuring to know there is a temporary daytime option where their parent can be dropped off or taken to. Some facilities also offer transportation to and from the facility.

  • First, it allows them to be among others their age. Being apart from other elders for long can produce a loneliness that even a caregiver can’t fix. Adult day care helps fulfill that need, with games like Bingo, musical entertainment, and sometimes outings. One center in California even goes to area schools so its seniors can share their life stories with young children.

  • They also provide easy exercises and stretches they can still do, and keep their minds alive with reminiscing activities and ones that center around current events, movies, etc, Elder trivia games are also often played, along with arts and crafts that express their creativity.

  • You can rest assured, meanwhile, knowing that your elderly parent is being looked after by caring individuals who will keep them far safer than if they had been left home alone.

You can locate an adult day care center through your local senior center or social health agency, or by searching through various online resources. Some area churches also operate as an adult day care center during weekdays.

If the center uses medically licensed staff, some medical health insurance and long term care policies may cover part of the expense of adult day care.
Sometimes tax breaks are given to caregivers for the use of adult day care centers as well.
Some daycare centers also offer medical screening on-site, such as blood pressure and vision checks, counseling and caregiver support.

Wherever it is that you find a day care center for the elderly, you are sure to find a safe, contented senior, caring staff to watch over them. And somewhere off relaxing or running errands, there is their regular caregiver who is glad that they’re there to help.

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