Solutions to Elder Home Care for Your Aging Parents Living at Home

Providing elder home care is a feasible solution for many senior caregivers of aging parents. It often means you have to make a few changes to the home.

  • You may need to set up a hospital bed.

  • Perhaps you will need to add grip bars to the sides of a shower stall or bathtub.

  • If you have stairs, you might need to install a chair lift for Mom or Dad to be able to use them.

  • You may even need to make doorways wider to make it easier to move from room to room in a wheelchair.

Making elder home care easier on your aging parents with these types of changes is one thing. Now you can also find ways to help make caregiving for your parent who lives at home easier on you and your spouse.

  • One way is by hiring a home health aide to help with some of your parent’s needs such as

    • bathing,

    • using the bathroom and

    • dressing.

    This is important if you are physically unable to do so. This would also be a good idea if these tasks would make you or your parents feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Many children of aging parents say that such senior home care assistance is a great service. It helps to prevent “burn-out”.

Providing elder care solutions for someone at home is stressful enough. When you also are still working, that only adds to the stress.

You need to take time and give yourself a break to devote some care to yourself, to do things you need or want to do. That’s where these services come in handy.

One acquaintance of mine in her 70s is caring for her 84-year-old husband who has dementia. She has tons of energy. But she is frail and unable to bathe or dress her husband.

She relies on a home health aide to visit once per day for three hours. She uses that time to take a walk as she’s always loved doing, go grocery shopping, run errands, and do other things. She would be unable to do this if she were unable to leave her house, caregiving for him.

  • You could also get brief periods of relief from the stress. There are services that provide a break from your elder care at home. They are called “respite care”. They can take over the duties of caregivers for several hours to days.

  • You could take your aging parents to an adult day care center (if you only need a break of several hours to a day-long stretch), you could free up just enough time for you to catch your breath, relax, get something done that you need to do, or that you would like to do for yourself.

You and your aging parents would both be better off if you sought help from whatever elder home care services are available in your area. Take advantage of anything that can help you keep your elder care costs down. Take them up on their offer, or that of other relatives, to give you a chance to look after yourself, as well.

You’ll be glad you did and so will your parents. When you take care of yourself you are better able to care for them with all the love, care and compassion they deserve in their golden years.

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