Maintaining elder health care for your Aging Parents
Helps YOU Keep THEM Out of the Hospital

Considering elder health care, as most aging seniors get older, their health seems to inevitably deteriorate. Bones and joints, muscles, heart and lungs and blood pressure, sight, mental health- everything is at risk. Often aging parents have several minor problems that are chronic. But they have learned to adapt and can still be quite independent.

But if one of these problems starts to progress, or if there is suddenly a new problem, this can be a serious setback to their well-being.

  • A false movement at home can cause a fall and a broken hip

  • A sudden stroke or heart attack even while sitting watching TV

  • rapidly progressing Alzheimer's or dementia

  • rapidly progressing loss of vision from macular degeneration...

any of these- and more- can mean hospitalization, surgery, serious limitation or transfer to assisted living or a nursing home.

We must do anything as long distance caregivers of our aging parents to keep them active and mobile. Even with their progressive limitations and disabilities our efforts will delay costly decisions and obligations.

The most important is the aging parent's sense of well-being. The feeling of isolation and loneliness can easily lead to depression and loss of self-esteem. They can become unmotivated, lethargic and careless. This is when accidents and problems happen.

We can at least maintain contact with Mom or Dad. Occasional or frequent visits, telephone calls, e-mail- anything to keep the connection open with them.

The telephone conversation from the senior caregiver can have several outcomes...

  • they may have nothing to say or talk in single syllables,

  • they may have a lot to say and just keep talking on and on,

  • they may repeat the same old stuff and are just content that you called again.

But a regular contact will reduce their sense of isolation and give them a better sense of well-being.

Then, they have more energy and motivation to work with the other physical limitations they are dealing with. Then they can be more tolerant of their physical problems...

  • their declining vision

  • their loss of mobility with their arthritis

  • their shortness of breath

  • their forgetfulness

  • their poor sugar control with their diabetes

  • etc, etc

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