Elder Care Solutions Change Home and Surroundings:
Keep Aging Parents Out of the Hospital!

When you are looking for elder care solutions, there are many more options today than ever before. Depending on how much assistance your aging parent needs, you could choose any of several types of care.

You could make a few changes to your home or their home with some elder care equipment so they could continue to live at home. Consider...

  • adapting bathtubs and cabinets to be more easily handled from a wheelchair,

  • installing chair lifts and

  • finding the right medical equipment for their needs.

We all know that elder care costs are way too high. So we need to keep our aging parents healthy and independent at home. There are many things you can do to keep your parents safe while still living at home.

  • You could consider an elder care companion.

  • You can arrange for someone to come into the home to provide some home assistance.

  • You can arrange special services such as

    1. medical alert or personal emergency response devices,

    2. meals-on-wheels, and other

    3. delivery services

There are many adult caregivers with aging parents who find home care very helpful...

  • for their disabled parents,

  • those who are getting over a fall or surgery, or

  • those whose condition is deteriorating.

It often seems best to have them at home in a familiar and comfortable setting that they know. But home care can be difficult, both for the parent and for you.

You could also take your aging parent to an Adult Day Care facility. Sometimes you would like Mom or Dad just to be looked after for a few hours while you run errands, take a breather, or be on your own for the day.

A neighbor of mine has found that she only needs help with her ailing father for three hours per day. She then uses this time to combat caregiver stress.

When her father's caregiver companion gets there, she leaves to...

  • do shopping or errands,

  • just take a long walk,

  • visit with friends,

  • or whatever,

to relax and clear her head.

She knows her father is being well cared for and is happy being at home. At the same time, she still has some time to herself, thanks to his visiting companion aide. This is very important for adult children to avoid elder caregiver stress in order to prevent burn-out.

At some point the needs of your aging parents become too much for you as an elder caregiver. They require more than the care that you are able to provide even with a home care companion or aide. You may need to look into other elder care solutions, such as...

They could move into an assisted living facility, if its level of skill and support is suitable to your parent’s needs. Here they would receive some limited care in a home-like setting.

Some independent living and assisted living and nursing home centers even allow pets. Having pets around is a huge advantage for their emotional well being and even their physical health. Studies have shown that having pets can result in many positive benefits for patients.

There are facilities that allow and encourage and even provide pets. They may also provide an abundance of plants and feature programs that also include children on a regular basis.

You can also call upon

  • hospice and

  • respite care

to help you and your loved one deal with end-of-life issues and support.

You can easily become confused while trying to figure out which type of care is best for your parent’s situation. You can turn to a number of websites that provide referrals and advice for elder care solutions to help you sort it all out.

With enough information, along with your concern for your parent’s care, you can rest assured that your decision for your elder care solutions will always be the right one, for you and for your aging loved one.

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