Elder Care Products
Help Your Aging Parents with their Daily Activities

Elder care products are like the song ‘The Old Grey Mare’ goes, “ain’t like [they] used to be”. Today, there are plenty of...

  • tools and

  • devices and

  • clever ideas

for aging parents and their senior caregivers to choose from that make both their lives easier.

You can find everything to help your aging parent moving from one physical position to another. Many can be found simply by going online.

  • Wheelchair tools are available that make using a wheelchair easier for you and more comfortable for them. You can get bags that hang from the back of the wheelchair and soft arm pads.

  • Other devices can be used to help glide or boost someone into a car or into a bed.

Personal care problems can be tackled using some elder care solutions available...

  • You can get higher toilet seats which you can attach to a regular toilet may prevent them from falling when going to the bathroom. You can also get extra wide toilet seats with arms and legs for more stability.

  • You can get trays that you can inflate to use for washing your aging parent’s hair at a sink.

  • Devices such as folding walkers, louder telephones and mattress covers with corner handles are products that can offer solutions to other everyday issues.

  • Special clothing- underwear, gowns and aids for dressing can make changing clothes easier.

Look at all these gadgets you can get to make their life easier...
  • You can buy elder care devices to help with your aging parents eating more easily.

  • You can get tables and trays that fit over beds and wheelchairs and walkers.

  • Elder care products like alarms, paging systems and monitors can add safety and peace of mind.
  • ~Some of these can alert you when your aging parent is getting out of bed or are heading towards the door.

  • ~ Others can tell you when their blood pressure rises.

  • ~ You can even take security with you to the park or the mall with portable call paging units. Just by pressing the button, your parent can let you know they need you from up to 150 feet away. They can be attached to a headboard or worn like a necklace.

Some devices are helpful to those with vision problems.

  • There are watches that speak the time at the press of a button and clocks that are easier to see.

  • There are also keyboards, remotes and phones with large print buttons that can make reading the labels on keys and buttons easier.

  • You can get special eating utensils, cups, and dishes made to be easier to see.

  • You can make bedtime safer and more comfortable for your aging parents with special mattress pads and bed rails. You can get soft, boot-like cushions for their feet and heels.

As a senior caregiver, there are home care products for just about every need you or your aging parent may have. Some can be ordered with no charges for shipping. There are elder care product websites that also offer resources and support from other caregivers. Many products are priced lower than you might expect. Some sites can make regular shipments of certain items to you automatically on a regular schedule so you never have to reorder.

Elder care products have improved greatly in recent years. You’re just a click away from a life made more simple for you and your loved one.

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