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Given the large percentage of seniors to the general population, it’s no surprise that elder care locators abound.

Go online and you will be able to find helpful websites run by various government agencies and some owned by businesses.

There is a very extensive and helpful elder care service provided by the government as a service of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Administration on Aging.

  • Besides the website itself,

  • it offers a toll-free number you can call to get more information.
    It contains senior-friendly features like one you can use to enlarge the size of the text.
  • You can go on its online chat room where you can ask an information specialist a question.

  • In addition, it has a caregiver’s forum. This connects senior caregivers to one another and they can help each other with their insights.

  • You will also find several planning tools and informative resources on topics of interest to seniors.
    Some include making plans for long term care, information on benefits, brochures and more.
But, for all these additional “perks”, the site’s real purpose is as an elder care locator. You can...
  • search for an elder care center by inputting the city and state or zip code of where you hope to find a facility.

  • You may also search by topic for more information.
    Some of the subjects covered are Housing Options, Alzheimer’s disease, Home Repair and Modification, In-Home Care, and others.

You and your aging parents can find a wealth of help through...
  • the referrals to state and local agencies.

  • It can also connect you, your loved one and the professionals involved in their care to senior organizations and other resources with seniors.

  • Through the site, you can find meals for your parents.

  • It also offers assistance with respite care so you can take a break.

  • And you can learn more about different options for home care there, as well.
    It can also help with caregiver training and with finding transportation for your parents to their appointments.
You can also find inspirational stories about noteworthy seniors and news tidbits relating to seniors on the elder care Facebook page.

It’s easy to match the needs of your aging parent and the zip code to providers in that area using most elder care locators online.
  • One that is a free nationwide referral service claims to have connections with more than 17,000 providers and offers access to over 300 advisers nationwide.

  • A different elder services online referral source has its own on-line form you can fill out to narrow down your parent’s needs. Once completed, the site helps you search for a service provider in your area to best suit your needs.

  • Still another even provides tips on senior jobs.

Be aware that a broad search online for elder care locators brings up some sites that only refer to a certain types of care facility, such as long term care.

With as much information as there is online, you’ll find plenty of sites to aid in your search. Finding the right care option for you and your aging parent is truly a click away.

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