Elder Care Costs -
Through the Roof!!
Keep Your Aging Parents Out of the Hospital!

Elder care costs are WAY too high. You can take some easy steps to help your aging parents keep them as low as possible.

Many seniors have their parents living with them at home. This is not easy but can be much less expensive. This may require some changes around your house. Whether it is a handyman or a respite service, there may be some up front expenses.

Your aging parents need your advice and expertise with their finances. You know how to manage your own finances and you've done well. Now your parents need help. Most financial institutions have elder care products to make it easier.

  • Help your aging parents set up with a bill paying service with the bank or their credit card.

  • Reduce the amount of cash that they need to carry around by using credit card.

  • Obtain access to their online accounts to occasionally monitor timely and adequate payments and deposits

  • You can be a back-up for their money affairs to help minimize fees and charges and scams and the risks of being taken.

Maybe you can help your aging parent find employment for seniors that can give more meaning to how they are living and keep them more connected. This may also help them bring in a small amount of money to keep feeling independent and useful. Of course it is always nice to be able to get free stuff for seniors to help your aging parents.

When your aging parents can worry less and feel more secure, you are helping them feel comfortable at home. You can keep them out of more expensive living conditions.

Often however, there finally does come a time when it is necessary to consider the possibility of various types of senior retirement communities for your aging parent. You can assess their health and physical activity levels. You will try to be prudent and caring in making choices and selections with them.

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