Doctors Appointments are Opportunities for the Caregiver to Get Some Help

Doctors appointments are opportunities for the caregiver to give symptoms and get advice. I have done this on a few occasions. It can be surreal.

First off, the doctor’s visit is a very important event. My Mom reminds me of her upcoming appointments with every phone call. She looks forward to the doctor visits. She seems to see them as partners in her relationship with her conditions- high blood pressure, diabetes, and poor vision.

She seems to anticipate changes in her pills or eye drops or whatever, and yet is accepting when there are no changes. She has a good relationship with her doctors.

My Dad, on the other hand, had a doctor that I didn’t relate well with. His response to Dad’s symptoms was often “You’re just getting old”. I think some doctors have a better understanding of aging seniors and others just don’t- but sometimes its too late in life to change to another physician.

Once while I was in the waiting room with Mom, I overheard a young woman across from me speaking loudly to her father so he could hear. She was going over all his medications and how many and how often and when he took them. It was becoming clear that sometimes he didn’t feel like taking some of them. She was also just realizing this and knew she had to bring this up with his doctor.

On the several occasions when I have gone into the office with my Mom, I have found it very helpful and I think Mom and the doctor appreciated it.

It made it easier to talk and listen to Mom as she mulled over whether she should proceed or not with different advice she was given.

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