Get Things for Mom or Dad Just to Make Daily Living Easier

Just buy stuff to make daily living easier. When visiting, look for around for things in the kitchen or living room that need changing, replacing, updating.

I think that because I don’t get to visit my Mom very often- only a couple of times a year- perhaps its easier for me to notice how some things might be changed in her apartment to make her daily living easier for her.

The last time we visited, I was concerned about Mom losing weight and maybe not eating very well. I noticed that it was not very bright around the stove and maybe she was having difficulty cooking.

We went to the local big-box store and picked up one of those plug-in lights that my wife screwed underneath the kitchen cabinet over the stove. It happens to plug into a socket that goes on with the main kitchen light- much better.

I also noticed that Mom was not watching the TV any more. Because of her failing vision she couldn’t see it from where her favorite chair was. She didn’t even turn it on for background sounds that she used to like when she was alone.

So I moved some furniture around. I kept her favorite chair where it should be, but moved the TV much closer so she could almost reach it. Now she’s back to watching her favorite programs again and enjoying the background sounds. Unrecognized problem solved.

Mom was having more difficulty reading the local newspaper. She would like to look for people she knew and also check the TV guide. She couldn’t read even with the light because it was too dark.

Back we went to the big-box store for a cheap living room light. We put it right beside the light that was already there. It seems like too much light but she’s back reading again.

All of this helps keep her more grounded and connected to her present and her past in her home.

Besides buying stuff for Mom or Dad for better daily living, here are some more tips