Computers for Seniors
Help Keep Your Aging Parents Connected and Out of the Hospital

Today’s youth may have the lion’s share of computers, but lately computers for seniors are starting to catch up. No longer left in the dust by modern innovations, our aging parents are now being drawn in with computers set up just for them.

You may know your way around computers, but to our parents, they can be frustrating. That’s why one of the key features of computers for your aging parents is the technical support that comes with the computer.

One manufacturer touts its “senior-friendly support”. The support staff can set up to view the caller’s screen from their call center to find solutions. According to the site, the senior need not even explain the problem for their support staff to solve it.

Other features of computers for seniors are...

  • the larger displays

  • and large fonts

  • the over-sized large mouse

  • and the instruction manual printed with seniors in mind.
It’s not just the computer itself that has begun targeting seniors. The software that goes with computers for seniors is also touted as being senior-driven. Both Macs and PCs offer software programs that are easy to understand and easier to use for the elderly computer user.

For that matter, you just might end up envying the many websites that offer...
  • helpful advice and support for your aging parent’s computer usage;

  • clear explanations of confusing terms are easily found on such websites;

  • tools that guide seniors through basic computer steps are there also;

  • one site found online gives entirely free advice on these issues and more, although they do welcome donations to support their mission;

  • tips on setting up a computer station for seniors with disabilities are also among its topics.

You can even find software online that claims to turn a regular PC into one designed for seniors. Once installed, it promises
It also comes with protection from common computer threats like phishing, pop-ups and viruses.

You should look for certain features when shopping for computers for seniors. Laptops should have at least 1 gb of memory and 1.6 GHz in processing speed.

Consider whether it will be used in different parts of the house (like on a bedside table over the bed and at the kitchen table). If so, you may want it to include a wireless connection. That way, your aging parent can check their email or download a picture from wherever they are in the house (within range.)

You can also find online refurbished laptop notebooks that are offered to seniors at discounted rates.

You can open up a whole new world to your aging parents with the proper computer and software. With it they can view the latest photo of their grandchild or great grandchild, stay connected with friends, watch movies and play games. If you keep to the basics and buy a model with enlarged features that are easy on seniors’ eyes and hands, they could be computer-savvy in no time. Because, clearly, where computers are concerned, today’s senior needn’t settle for being behind the times!

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