Get a Home Computer for Mom or Dad to Play Solitaire

Get a home computer. Many aging parents like to just play solitaire on it.

Most older seniors I know have been resistant to getting a PC in their home. They say they don’t need it, would never use it, they’re getting too old to learn about it, whatever.

But if one of the kids buys them one- or more frequently brings over an old one from home- they very quickly find their niche.

The commonest and easiest utility they have is solitaire. Very soon, they are spending hours playing solitaire or free-cell. At first it seems like such a waste. I know how much time I waste playing games and I feel bad about it.

But there may be some evidence that playing solitaire on the computer may be helpful for aging seniors. We know that anything that challenges the brain keeps it active and alert- “use it or lose it”.

Even with severe arthritis, one can sit for some time and gently move the PC mouse around and not feel exhausted.

I know Mom (and Dad, before he passed away) had a lot of trouble getting to sleep or falling back to sleep. They seemed to almost take turns during the night at the desktop playing solitaire. It helped the night pass and it was almost enjoyable for them.

Here we had bought them a state-of-the-art home-computer with all the bells and whistles, and they were only using it for solitaire! But they were happy with it. Dad also liked a flight simulation program he got, but otherwise they were satisfied with the 2 solitaire games.

What with visiting, knitting, reading, TV talking and desktop solitaire- their days were full. And it was relaxing for them to retreat to the room with the home-computer for some solitude during the day.

Besides getting a home computer for your aging parents, here are some more tips