Cell Phones for Seniors
Help Keep Your Aging Parents Connected

It is important to get cell phones for seniors. They are different than a regular cell phone.

  • Advancing age brings with it difficulties seeing. Aging parents will need to have the buttons and displays on the cell phones easy to see.

  • The phones also must be easier for arthritic hands to hold and they must have buttons that will work with less force.

  • And the less-than-perfect hearing requires that the volume be loud enough.

Fortunately, many models of cell phones for seniors offer all this- and more for the aging parent who wants to stay connected.

Similar to regular cell phones, you can have features like caller ID, voice mail and others to suit their needs.

One cell phone was originally made specifically with aging seniors in mind. They can even be used with hearing aids. Another thoughtful feature is the technical support it offers. They can guide senior users through the process of adding their contacts into the phone’s memory. The limited number of functions it has makes it less confusing to use. Plus, it is perfect for aging parents who need only local phone service with no roaming options, and can be used at any time of day. Phone plans can be very affordable with no long-term commitment and no contract.

Plans available for cell phones for seniors often cover fewer minutes but fit better into the average senior’s smaller budget. The rates per minute might not be as low as with other plans. Even so, they may still be a cheaper option for those who don’t need or use many minutes.

You can easily find prepaid cell phones that have no contract yet provide nationwide coverage and free 911 calls (even when there are no minutes left to use.) The phone itself is inexpensive and the monthly phone service can cost about as much as one matinee movie ticket.

Certain cell phones for seniors come with all sorts of options...

  • reminder alarms,
  • medical apps, and
  • lighted or over-sized buttons.

Others have features that respond to
  • voice commands,
  • can be used with TTY (for those with trouble hearing), and
  • ultra-simple menus.

One model has a button that can be programmed for speed dialing with a number to call in case of emergency, besides a 911 button.

Your aging parent with hearing problems can benefit from cell phones that can be used with hearing aids without buzzing. Those with higher “M” and “T” ratings (for “microphone” and “telecoil”) ratings (M3/T3 or M4/T4) tend to work best with hearing aids. It should feature louder call volume or offer additional volume control. Its earpiece padding should block out background noises.

If your aging parent’s speech or hearing is severely limited, a phone with...

  • texting, or
  • email functions may work best.
  • Vibrating alarms,
  • controls to reduce interference and
  • devices like the “Hatis induction coupler” and VCO (Voice Carry Over service)

  • are also available cell phone options for those who have extreme difficulty hearing.

The correct cell phone can keep your aging parent connected and secure- easily and affordably. Now THAT'S well worth calling home about. And for that, they will thank you!.

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