Get a Cell Phone for Emergencies for Aging Parents

Get an inexpensive cell phone for aging parents to always carry in their belt for emergencies. A medical emergency alert on a necklace or bracelet is a good idea. Often, though, it doesn’t work outside of the home. Sometimes it’s hard enough to convince an aging parent to wear one of those things the way they should.

It can be even harder to get them to think about using one of these new-fangled telephones. Go ahead and get them set up with a good mobile service- if you think they will use it. But a better idea might be just a cheap cell phone for emergencies.

Think about this. Most of our aging parents live in areas that are well served by wireless cell service. Suppose you get a cheap one that has no bells or whistles with it. Maybe just speed-dial. Then you get the cheapest monthly service with the minimum minutes and no free long distance or anything.

Or what is even less expensive but just as good? Buy a cheap pre-paid phone and service. Attach it to a belt that Mom or Dad always uses so it’s always with them at home or when they go outside. Remember, this is always available for emergencies. This can even work if they are visiting or on vacation.

Now, program the speed-dial. You can put in important numbers like yours or the doctor's or the neighbor’s.

Or you can instead link all the 0-9 numbers to YOU. That way Mom or Dad can always reach your phone even if they are in a situation where they can’t remember your number. They can call you by selecting ANY one of the numbers on the dial even if they may be starting to have a stroke or not thinking straight.

This way, you can be the first to know that something wrong is happening- and right away- so you can do whatever you need to do to intervene.

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