Caring for Aging Parents
Make it Easier for THEM
and for YOU!

The prospect of caring for aging parents can seem overwhelming at first. You may even think...

  • you’re not up to the task because of everything else you have to do, or

  • you are not capable of doing it.

Luckily, there are many places to turn to for help and guidance. There are websites where others who’ve been there share their stories. All of these can help you feel less frightened about the task you face. Then you can do a better job of it.

Your loved ones’ safety at home is a main concern among all the considerations.
There are websites and agencies that can serve as resources for senior caregivers. They can be great places to turn to for advice on making the home as safe as it can be for your parents.
It is very important to have your aging parents as safe as possible in their home.

However, caring for your Mom or Dad also includes a number of routine quotidian tasks...
  • Seeing to it that their household tasks get done (like shopping, repairs, cooking and laundry), and that the bills still get paid.

  • It also means finding equipment they need for any illnesses they have (that a hospital or eldercare setting would provide) and for making their lives easier if they are to continue to live in their own home.
    Things like stair lifts (chairs that take them up and down stairs), rails for their bathtub or toilet, and remote controls can make a huge difference in their everyday lives.

We need to try to prevent them from falling when going to use the bathroom or getting out of bed and bathing and dressing.

Your aging parents may need help with so many tasks.
  • You may need to remind them to take their pills and medicines;

  • Don’t let them forget their doctors appointments.

  • If they’ve become forgetful, it may be risky not having someone there to make sure the stove is turned off, a cigarette is put out, or that bathwater doesn’t turn into a flood because they forgot the water was running.

Whoever is caring for aging parents needs to pay attention to these risks, as well.

Of course, staying active plays a big role in being healthy- and vice versa. It’s true that those who stay active with their friends do interesting things they enjoy.

They keep their mind sharp with games, puzzles and other “brain-teasers” and are usually healthier than those who don’t.

Caring for aging parents means also making sure they can continue to do these things. You can help them improve their situation. Keep them healthier by seeing to it that they get proper exercise and help with physical therapy if they need it.

Caregivers and home care providers, senior daycare centers, and other options can help. Let your aging parent participate with their own preferences.

Between them, your family, and helpful resources, you can find the best solutions for both of you, making caring for aging parents easier now than ever before.

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