Aging Parent Benefits from a Daily Live Telephone Call.

What are the benefits of the calling service for YOU?

  • Help Mom or Dad overcome their loneliness and isolation

  • We can talk about the things you talk about- on those days when you just aren’t able to call

  • You can feel better about not being able to call every day

  • You can relax and focus on your work, meetings and family

  • You look good with this classy service for your Mom or Dad

  • Save money- postpone expensive health care options

How can you use the calling service for your MOM or DAD?
  • To supplement the check-ins you are already making

  • To help you when you just can’t make those calls

  • A surprise gift for a birthday or anniversary

  • Save money

The calling Service offers all these great features…
  • A phone call every single day of the week- every week- to your Mom or Dad

  • Calls are made by a cheerful concerned screened associate who understands what your aging parents are going through

  • A confidential conversation to check-in and chat about each day’s concerns

  • Friendly reminders about taking pills, keeping appointments, eating meals, chores and errands

  • Conversation threads continue from one day to the next

The calling service offers more advantages for Mom or Dad
  • More sense of connection

  • More self-esteem

  • Improved concern for their own habits, health, hygiene, safety, friends and family

  • More independence

  • Better outlook and goals

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