Arthritis Aids
Get these devices to help keep your aging parent active

You may need to search for arthritis aids when your aging parent is suffering from the pain of arthritis. There are many tools and gadgets available online and through other sources today. Some can even be purchased at discount prices.

Arthritis pain can affect every part of the daily life of someone who has it. Fortunately, there are tips that can help with each one.

The arthritic condition of your aging parent might be making it harder for them to take care of themselves. Both of you will be relieved to know that help is at hand- literally!

  • Among the useful tools now available is a fingernail clipper that can be used on a tabletop. It’s made to make clipping nails easier and requires less pressure than regular nail clippers.

  • Eating, too, can be difficult with arthritis. Various sources online offer eating utensils with specially curved handles. As a result, they are easier to grip than regular ones.

  • You may think your aging parent’s days of gardening are over. But they do not have to give up their love of gardening because of arthritis. Special gardening tools like spades and hoes are available. Similar to the eating utensils, these are also easier to grip and handle.

  • The senior who loves cooking won’t have to hang up his or her apron because of arthritis just yet, either. It’s possible that all they need is a grip-friendly set of kitchen knives and utensils. You can find them online.

Writing with arthritis can be very challenging. But not with the new lightweight pens or pencils that are available devices to help aging parents. Their size, texture and design helps lessen thumb pain and make it easier to grip than regular pens. A whole array of gadgets that make writing less painful may be found online. They range from bed tables to ball-shaped pencil holders. Page-turners, keyboarding and typing aids, and mobile tables are others.

Reading comfortably is within reach for mom or dad with special lap desks and magnifiers. So are other things, with the help of a reaching device for arthritis sufferers. And with easy-to-use calling devices and paging units, you’ll both feel more secure knowing they can get help at the push of a button.

Consider these devices...
  • gadgets that make dressing and undressing less painful are also offered, like button hooks, bracelet-clasping aids, and stocking removers;

  • Painful toes get a boost, too, from arthritis aids, with special toe cushions;

  • Car seats that swivel and arthritis aids that make fastening a seat belt more comfortable are others offered online.

  • Door handles become less difficult with special door levers, handle bars and grippers for those who suffer from arthritis.

A major, common and important purchase you can make is a thumb or wrist splint to help relieve hand pain from arthritis.

Filling up the gas tank, carrying groceries and sweeping the floor are easier with arthritis aids. Others can start your car or unlock your front door. And coupon clippers will love the special scissors now available.

With all these and more, your aging parent can live with arthritis and reclaim their life once more.

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