Benefits for Mom and Dad from a Daily Telephone Calling Service

What are the benefits for Mom and Dad?

The phone calls you make to Mom and Dad are very important to them. They get lonely as their friends are getting sick and some are passing on. And they need to talk to someone. On those days that you can’t call- or call enough- it’s a relief to have this telephone calling service.

This calling service can make friendly calls for you every single day - whether you do or not. Our daily concerned calls to your loved-ones can help you…

  • Fight their isolation and depression

  • Combat their loneliness and sadness

  • Keep them out of old-folks’ homes and the hospital

  • Give them self-esteem and love and companionship

  • Remind them about their pills and appointments

Mom and Dad can get depressed since they are alone most of the time, or trying to be a caregiver for their spouse. You know how a nice friendly call can make them feel so much better.

This calling service can help you do that- and each and every day. We make a trustworthy and confidential conversation.

If your Mom or Dad’s daily schedule is anything like my Mom’s, its like this...

  • Up early in the morning- after being up most of the night;

  • a small breakfast- a piece of toast and a cup of tea or coffee- or maybe no breakfast at all;

  • maybe she remembers to take her pills;

  • then turn on the television for background voices and music, maybe a short walk outside;

  • maybe a sandwich for lunch- or again maybe nothing at all;

  • maybe a nap in the afternoon;

  • a look at the newspaper to see if she recognizes any friends- but she can’t see very well to read anyways;

  • maybe she makes or receives a phone call from a friend down the hall or across town;

  • maybe a bowl of soup for supper with some crackers;

  • then sitting alone for the evening, more waiting.

Occasionally, there is a visit from a friend, some errand or shopping, or an appointment with the doctor or nurse, or a supper for the old folks.

Is it any wonder how easy it is to get lonely and discouraged? They miss their partner; they miss their family and friends. They miss contact.

This calling service is like having a personal assistant for your Mom or Dad!

But this is more personal, more satisfying-


And YOU take all the credit!

We offer these wonderful possibilities for Mom or Dad...

  • More sense of connection

  • More self-esteem

  • Improved concern for their own habits, health, hygiene, safety, friends and family

  • More independence

  • Better outlook and goals

You love your Mom and Dad. You care for them very much. You want their aging years to be as rewarding and comfortable as possible. You work so hard to make their lives that way. Now, here’s a calling service, which makes it easier for them- and you too!

Your aging parent’s friends are getting fewer and becoming less available- some are being admitted to the hospital, others leave to be with family- to visit or to live closer. We can be there every single day- bringing service and companionship.

This is a service that can help keep aging parents and shut-ins independent and in their homes- and out of nursing homes.

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